Stinky Tofu

The Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu is not a tofu that has a weird smell or stink. It is a fermented tofu that has a strong odor. When you visit China especially the night market, maybe you will able to find many stalls that sell the Stinky tofu. Usually people eat Stinky tofu as a snack. Even though it is a fermented food, but Stinky tofu has a different fermentation method compared to another fermentation food like cheese. Usually, the fermented food such as cheese will use a fixed formula as the starter bacteria that will do the fermentation. But Stinky tofu doesn’t use any kind of fixed formula as its started bacteria. In traditional method, the Stinky tofu will use the fermented milk, vegetables, and also a meat. All of those will be turned into a brine. Inside the brine that already made, there are dried shrimp, amaranth greens, mustard greens, bamboo shoots and some Chinesse herbs. It will take for at least one month to fermented the brine. But these days, the modern factory will tend to choose the quicker method that can make a lot of Stinky tofu at once.

There is a unique history that you need to know about Stinky tofu. It is said that there are two kind of Stinky tofu that already exist for long time ago. The first one is soft Stinky tofu, and the other one is dried Stinky tofu. The soft Stinky tofu story start when there is a person name Wang Zhi He who stay in Beijing and want to make a living by selling tofu. He put his tofu into an earthen jar. And when he open it, the tofu already turn into green and has a horibble smell, but when he taste it, the tofu taste delicious. And for the dried Stinky tofu, the same person who try to make a dried tofu, forget to close the jar where he put the tofu then the tofu inside the jar become dried.


Who doesn’t know a kind of noodle this that called as Ramen. Ramen is a popular noodle this that people can find when they visit a Japanese restaurant. There are a lot of Ramen dishes that people can choose based on their preferences or based on their favorite. But when people visit a supermarket or a minimarket, they also able to find an instant Ramen that they can buy and make by themself at home. Usually, inside the Ramen, people will able to find a Chinese style wheat noodles that served in a meat or fish broth. Sometimes the broth have a soy sauce flavour or miso flavour. The Ramen will use a lot of toppings such as sliced pork, dried seaweed and many more. But these days, people can also get a different toppings with a lot of variations of toppings. There are several type of Ramen that maybe people need to know before buying their own Ramen. The first type is Shio. This Ramen is known as the oldest Ramen among another type of Ramen. It has a salty taste, yellowish broth and consist with a lot of chicken, vegetables, fish and also seaweed.

Then, the second type of Ramen is Tonkotsu. Sometimes people can confused between tonkotsu and tonkatsu. But both of them is way different. Tonkotsu Ramen has a cloudy white colored broth. There also a thick broth that made from boiling the pork bones, fat, and collagen over the high heat for many hours. The noodle of Tonkotsu are thin and straight, and often served along with beni shoga. Then the third one is Shoyu. This kind of Ramen has a clear brown broth. There are a lot of soy sauce inside this kind of Ramen. Then the last one is Miso. Miso Ramen is known as the newest type of Ramen that become a unique Ramen in Japan.


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